2- The legal decision in regards with meat and poultry products sold by non-Muslims in Europe.

The Council discussed this matter at great length acknowledging that it is a matter which has

created great concern and debate amongst Muslims. The Council concluded that it is necessary

for Muslims to abide by the conditions of slaughtering according to the Islamic Shari.a, so that

they please their Lord and that they protect their identity from compromise and external threats as

well as to protect themselves from consuming what is illegal and forbidden.

Having examined the various methods of slaughter, many of which consist of various illegal acts

which lead to the death of a large proportion of animals, particularly chicken, The Council decided

the illegality of consuming the meat of chicken and cows, whilst the meat of lamb, sheep and

calves is allowed as the method of slaughtering these in many countries does not contradict the

methods decided by the Islamic Shari.a(???). The Council hereby recommends to all Muslims that they

establish their own slaughter houses so that they may fulfill this important need whilst protecting

their religious and cultural identity. The Council also calls upon the Western governments to

recognise the religious aspects of Muslims, including enabling them to slaughter according to

Islamic Shari.a, similar to other religious communities and groups such as the Jews. The Council

also calls upon the Islamic countries to import meat which has been slaughtered according to the

Shari.a and which are supervised and administered by the trusted Islamic centres throughout the

(I believe they got it wrong on the acceptance of  stunned sheeps??? as I can understand ...ULAMAS  need to uderstand  and be aware of the many HARAM outcomes which does result from any stunning apart of the pain and cruelty to the animal ::Dr Katme)