We would like to  give a Muslim response to  the amendment of Dorries-Field amendment of the Health Bill(Health and Social Care Bill), which was orginally submitted by Mrs Nadine Dorries MP/Conservative and the Rt Hon Frank Field MP/Labour and which will be debated in the Parliament this week;

The aim of the amendment is to offer independent counsellors for some interested women who are pregnant and considering abortion,hoping this offer of counselling will prevent 60 000 abortions/year.

No doubt,we all support any effective measure which does  reduce the high number of abortions in our society.

This Muslim response we are giving now,should be applied to the case of abortion generally, and whether there is a Bill in the Parliament or not?

But before giving our response,please allow us to present  first these worrying facts:
-Every year about 200 000 innocent voiceless unborn babies are KILLED through abortion...600/day,for no fault of their own.. and the number  unfortunately is rising.
-Most abortions are done  because it is legal to kill unborn children  and  because of  social  and immoral reasons  like: sex before or outside marriage?
-96% of abortions are done from the funding of NHS
-More women are suffering lately from many types of mental disorders  as a result of abortion,apart from breast cancer.
-Marie Stopes clinics and British Pregnancy Advisory Service had a profit of £60 million  from the termination of  100 000 pregnancies,SURELY THEY HAVE VESTED INTEREST IN DOING MORE ABORTIONS  FOR  MORE PROFITS AND THEIR SO CALLED "COUNSELLING" must be biased and towards the facilitation of more abortion  for more profits!
It is fair to say that they are the wrong people to offer any counselling at all!
We would like to emphasize here that we all are having concerns and worries if the amendments of the Health Bill
will lead to the appointment by the Dept of Health of  more  biased pro-abortion counsellors, with the marginalisation of many caring Pro-life or religious counsellors?
Unfortunately we seem to forget that In every abortion, we did not take  into consideration at all :
 *GOD the Creator the Designer and the only  Owner of the life  of the unborn child(this is  a Christian-Muslim belief)
 *The human   basic RIGHT of the  unborn child  : the RIGHT TO LIFE
 *The father of the unborn child? no body bothers to find out his opinion..
 *The huge financial bill ,and the wastage of  a lot of medical resources in an  already  "squeezed overstretched NHS" ?
This bill is very high and is enormous ,especially since the  "abortion Act in 1967"  came into existence.
Since then  about 7-8 million unborn children were killed  through abortion!
WE BRITISH MUSLIMS(as well as many millions of Christians,Jews,Hindus,Sikhs and others...),OPPOSE AND RESENT STRONGLY,THIS GROSS  "criminal" ABUSE OF OUR TAX PAYERS MONEY in these  increasing "KILLING FIELDS" of our innocent voiceless unborn children and in the treatment after of many women who develop many psychological and physical diseases and problems!
There is no doubt  today that almost all girls and women who are considering or going for abortion,ARE NOT AWARE AND HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE  OF A LOT OF BASIC AND ESSENTIAL  NEEDED PACK OF  INFORMATIONS BEFORE THEY TAKE  ANY DECISION REGARDING THEIR  PREGNANCIES:
-The EMBRYOLOGICAL FACTS about the formation of the different  organs and the development of the Embryo/Foetus and that at about  6 weeks pregnancy ,we have a small human being with almost all organs formed.
 The heart starts to beat at 23 days from conception...
They should SEE/know  all these basic  fascinating anatomical  and physiological facts which are  related to their babies(photos/videos and  3D scan)
-The CRUEL AND BARBARIC  method used in the abortion procedure:in blood,pain and agony,with the cutting of live human baby to 20-30 pieces!
Every woman should know/see that before taking any decision...Would she likes to kill her own flesh and blood/baby in this inhumane way?
-The MEDICAL DATAS regarding the  many short term and the long term complications and side effects which result from abortion ,especially  as found lately in mental health and breast cancer!
-The availability of  MANY TYPES OF SUPPORT while carrying on with the pregnancy.
-The presence of many ALTERNATIVES like: adoption...
-The RELIGIOUS HOLY SCRIPTURES regarding: GOD's right,Sanctity of life/killing ,the   creation and the wonderful development of the unborn child, the high valued of motherhood,the SIN in consenting for  abortion  and the punishment prescribed.
But this should be done only if the woman is interested  to know  these  religious informations and to be given according to her own religion and religious beliefs.
For us,Muslims we have a lot of religious datas on:conception,the embryo,foetus,embryology,soul,sanctity of life,motherhood with the prohibition of abortion .
Can our "Christian people and women " and our "Christian Government/Monarchy", BE TRUE CHRISTIANS ,for GOD's sake ,at least once in this most serious  matter :the ending of  human  lives and the  death of millions of innocent unborn children!
-The presence of helpful COUNSELLORS in Britain  who will  help women  to take  a WELL INFORMED  decision after.

Every girl/woman  deserves  and have the right for a FULL AND WELL INFORMED CONSENT by providing first these basic PACK OF INFORMATIONS  ,before she decides about  what to do with her pregnancy.

The Dept of Health with the help of hundred organisations/NGOs in the UK,should organise together the spreading of these  vital and basic PACK of informations to every gill/woman in the land.
In fact,This PACK OF INFORMATIONS  should be given to our daughters at home and  in schools ,in order to work on the PREVENTION of  most unwanted pregnancies  for:
-The sake of the woman herself
-The sake of the life of the innocent unborn child
-The sake of our economy,budget,the tightened medical resources and NHS
- And most important for the sake of GOD,JESUS,MOSES AND MUHAMMAD(peace be upon them) who all are PRO-LIFE,as the case in all the religions.
This missing PACK OF INFORMATIONS,will prevent not only 60 000 abortions..but 160 000 abortions/year.
No doubt the issue of Abstinence/chastity needs to be addressed too,for the prevention of 2/3 of unwanted pregnancies.
Finally : in order to help in  MAKING MANY PREGNANT WOMEN VERY  MUCH AWARE OF THEIR OWN BABIES,and before taking any decision regarding the pregnancy,I would recommend strongly the establishment
of a place in London ,open to public  , FOR A FREE  SAFE  3D SCAN to any woman considering abortion under :

In order to start the ball rolling,I would like to donate myself,from my own money,  the first £1000 for this Humane Healthy and Economic project .
More voluntary donations  will be needed in order to buy the machine.
All  should donate for this good  humane cause
 Obviously Many of these free scans should be made  easily available to  some pregnant women in GP surgeries,hospitals,counselling centres etc...

Dr A Majid Katme(Mbbch,DPM)
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK
NB: I am available for interview,my tel no is: 07944 240 622
31 North Circular Road   Palmers Green    London N13 5EG


(NaturalNews) Extremely shocking information has recently been revealed in a new report released by the University of Queensland. According to the report, a person reduces his lifespan by 22 minutes for every hour spent watching television. That adds up to a staggering total of 5 years if 6 hours were spent in front of the tube on a daily basis. It seems that watching TV could be as hazardous to health as smoking or being overweight.

Experts from the University of Queensland, Australia, write: "TV viewing time may have adverse health consequences that rival those of lack of physical activity, obesity and smoking; every single hour of TV viewed may shorten life by as much as 22 minutes."

Watching TV is one of the most common and popular "activities" today. Due to the extreme prevalence behind TV viewing, the effects it has on overall population can't be overlooked. It is only in today's time period where anyone can easily find a TV in nearly every room in any house. They are no longer items simply for the family room.

Australian and American guidelines suggest that kids spend no more than 2 hours a day in front of a TV. With this new proven information, it is also recommended that parents limit their time in front of television sets. Not only does it lengthen the lifespan of adults, but it also has a positive influence on children, communicating that TV is not an item which should be focused on.

Today is a highly technological age. Before these massive advancements, kids and adults alike would be more physically active outside for many hours of the day. Problems stemming from cell phones, televisions, and microwaves weren't always an issue, and until recently there hasn't been cold, hard evidence demonstrating how harmful such technology can really be on overall health.

People make conscious health choices to not smoke or to eat healthy. This new report puts forth another choice people must make -- to avoid excessive television watching. The information is now there and readily available to be utilized by health-conscious individuals worldwide. TV is not only a highly popular household item, but for many families it is also a daily ritual. Now that the life-shortening effects of television have been highlighted, people must make a conscious decision to make a change.


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