Five short videos from Jeffrey Smith provide sharable introduction to GMOs for your friends who need to know

Friday, October 07, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology has released five short videos that are perfect for sharing with friends who might be new to GMOs. These short videos tell powerful, hard-hitting stories about GMOs in just two or three minutes, and they're easy to forward to others who need to know the truth about what's happening to our food supply.

Here are the five videos, posted on NaturalNews.TV. You can also share the URL of this article if you'd like to introduce your friends to all five of these videos:

Even farm animals refuse to eat GMOs

Jeffrey Smith relates a story about how farmers test whether their farm animals will eat GMOs. Most farm animals naturally avoid genetically engineered feed if given a choice!

How GMOs turn your babies into medical experiments

This short film reveals how genetically engineered foods are being widely consumed today, causing a vast assortment of side effects, including widespread infertility and damage to their sperm cells and DNA. Rats fed genetically modified soy had half their babies die. Don't let our babies become guinea pigs of the GMO biotech industry!

Jeffrey Smith - How GMOs may turn your body into a human pesticide factory

Jeffrey Smith reveals how genetically engineered crops result in gene transfers into the bacteria in the human gut. It means that after eating GMOs, we may have genetically modified proteins inside our own bodies. Even worse, when BT (genetically engineered) corn is consumed, the gene that produces the BT toxin may transfer into the bacteria living in your intestines, turning you into a HUMAN PESTICIDE FACTORY.

How GMO research is rigged using fraudulent science

Jeffrey Smith reveals some of the dirty tricks used by Monsanto and other biotech companies to twist their "science" and make GMOs look safe even when they're extremely dangerous. This is all from the same industry that said DDT was safe, PCBs were safe, Agent Orange was safe, and so on. "Corporate science" is always distorted, especially from the biotech industry.

Cap the GMO Gene Spill

Eye-opening video about the genetic pollution of our planet caused by GMOs. Featuring Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology who explains how GMOs represent a planet-wide genetic contamination of the planet that's far worse than all the oil spills in the history of the world. GM crops result in widespread environmental degradation, and it's all being done based on warped, dishonest "corporate science."

Scientists under attack - video trailer

This is the trailer for a documentary available from the IRT called Scientists Under Attack. It reveals the total distortion of science being used by the biotech industry, and the way in which honest scientists who try to question GMOs are viciously attacked and discredited.

A must-see video trailer if you want to understand what's truly going on with GMOs and the outrageous criminality of the biotech industry.

The documentary itself is available at:

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