How stress from a bullying boss 'could harm your marriage'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Bullying bosses can make life a misery in the workplace. But research shows they could also wreck a marriage.
Stress caused by an abusive manager has a major impact on an employee's partner, a study has found. This in turn affects the marital relationship and then the worker's entire family.
The report also showed that the longer a couple had been together, the less impact the abusive boss had on the family.
Some 280 employees and their partners were questioned for the study. Three-quarters had children living with them.
Bullying behaviour was classed as tantrums, rudeness and criticism in public.
Workers were asked how often they had been put down by their manager or had anger directed at them. Their partners were then asked how much tension there was at home and how often the couple argued.
Professor Merideth Ferguson, of Baylor University, in Texas, said: 'It may be that as supervisor abuse heightens tension in a relationship, the employee is less motivated or able to engage in positive interactions with the partner and other family members.'



The report's authors said the study highlighted the need for firms to send an unequivocal message to managers that bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.


Professor Dawn Carlson, of Baylor University, in Texas, said: 'These findings have important implications for organisations and their managers.
'The evidence highlights the need for organisations to send an unequivocal message to those in supervisory positions that these hostile and harmful behaviours will not be tolerated.
'Employers must take steps to prevent or stop the abuse and also to provide opportunities for subordinates to effectively manage the fallout of abuse and keep it from affecting their families.
'Abusive supervision is a workplace reality and this research expands our understanding of how this stress plays out in the employee's life beyond the workplace.'

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