Statement on the Gaza Conflict - The holocaust of Palestinians - Friday 11th Safar1430 /6th February 2009

Hizbul Ulama UK is extremely concerned at the barbaric attacks on the Palestinian people.  We view the deaths of over 1300 people, including over 500 children killed in front of their parents, the demolition of villages and towns, the targeting of schools, cutting down orchards and farms along with the imposition of an in-human economic blockade are acts of terrorism and a continuing holocaust of Palestinians. 

The occupation of Palestine by Zionist colonisers is an affront to humanity and we deplore the denial of legitimate Palestinian rights.  We note that historically Palestine has always been a homeland of Palestinians for more then 2000 years and it should remain so.  The upholding of the legitimate rights of the ingenious people of Palestine is the duty of all Muslims and continued pressure must be brought to end the illegal occupation by Zionist forces of the Palestinian people and their land. 

This latest chapter in the on-going war only serves as a reminder to Muslims worldwide and also to those non-Muslims who supported the Palestinians, that the depravity of the attacks on the Palestinian people by the Zionist army knows no bounds.  We pray for the Palestinian people, for their liberation, for their livelihoods and for their health.  Ameen.  Please donate aid and other help as required to relieve their suffering.