The Wazaratul Haram al Sharif who announced the date of ritual washing of the Ka’aba for Thursday 1st Shaban 1430 Hijri, belongs to the “Civil Date (Ummul Qura Calendar) of Saudi Arabia.”

It should be clearly understood that there is a difference between the date of washing the Ka’aba Musharrafah and the sighting of the Hilal of Shaban, based on the above points.  The first is announced according to the Civil Date (Ummul Qura Calendar), whilst the other is according to the Islamic ‘Rasmi’ Calendar, so there is absolutely no contradiction.

There are many examples of where the locally moon sighted date in the world have merged in the past with the world`s Islamic date Calendars.  We remind readers not to forget the false arguments that have been used over and over again about the Rasmi & Civil dates merging.
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It is common knowledge that the nearest announcement of the Saudi High Court for moon sighting was for Jumad Al Thani 1430 (which was on the eve of  Sunday 29th J. Al Awwal 1430 / 24 th May 2009). Jumada Al Thani had 30 days and Rajab had started on the eve of Tuesday 23rd June 2009 and Rajab`s 29th Rasmi date corresponded on Wed 22.07.2009.