Central Moon Sighting Committee of Great Britain (CMSC)

Testimony for the Hilal of 1st Shawaal 1431 sighted in UK

13.09.2010, 10.44 PM
1) Br Muhammed Ayaz
2) Br Rab Nawaz

We, the above mentioned Mr. Muhammed Ayaz and Mr Rab Nawaz hereby declare that we are Muslims, believe in La-ilaha-Il-Allahu-Muhammadur-Rasulullah, and hereby give Shahaadah (Testimony) that:

  1. On Thursday 9th September 2010 we saw the crescent moon of 1st Shawal 1431 at about 7.37 PM near the Junction of M1 with M18, for 6 minutes (Mr. MA) and 1.5 minutes (Mr. RN)
  2. We are practising Muslims, follow Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, and are punctual with Salaat (Sahibe Tartib)
  3. We have good vision and we don't wear spectacles for distant vision
  4. We have past experience of seeing new moons many many times before
  5. We can recognise new moon from other objects, and we declare that what we saw was the crescent of 1st Shawal 1431 and NOT rocket, or aeroplane, or hair, cloud, or any other artefact
  6. We make this declaration of Shahaadat believing it to be true, and without any force, coercion, or any other pressure.

Signed and attested on this day:

1)Muhammed Ayaz
2)Rab Nawaz

Shahadah witnessed by:
1) Hafiz Qari Muhammed Jamil Khan
2) Moulan Aiyub Qasmi,Kholwadia
Founder & Ex Vice Presedent of Rabtah Ulama Batley) 8 Mount St. Batley
3) Moulana Dr. Dadibhai
43 Moorlands Rd. Dewsbury
4) Moulana Ebrahim Variawa
70 Wood Green Rd. Leicester

  1. The original signed testimony is filed in the Office of the CMCGB. The reason for withholding names and addresses is to protect their privacy and protect them from the obscene and insulting behaviour directed to them by followers of Observatory rules.
  2. These brothers are very pious and fear Allah. They say they have seen the new-moon Crescent and nothing else. They were travelling from their monthly Zikr Majlis and demonstrate their piety and reliability.
  3. Alhamdulillah, we celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on 1st Shawal, Friday 10th September following the Hilal sighting decision from Saudi Arabia. This Testimony demonstrates that the decision was totally correct.
  4. The visibility charts from Astronomic calculations declared that it was IMPOSSIBLE to observe the Crescent of 1st Shawal 1431 anywhere in the UK on Thursday 9th September, because according to them, theoretically Moon set was before Sun set that evening. This sighting once again confirmed that the new-Moon Hilal CAN be seen in the UK and that global visibility charts and predictions are completely unreliable and inconsistent.
  5. We have numerous recordings of past new-Moon Hilal sightings which contradict Observatory visibility charts and calculations, but this is perhaps the first time in history that the new-Moon Hilal for both 1st Ramadhan and 1st Shawal were observed and reported in the same year, in the UK. Most importantly they both demonstrated the complete unreliability of observatory global visibility charts and calculations which claimed that it was not possible!
  6. It is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed SAW to only use naked eye observations for establishing Islamic months and not believe or rely on theories or calculations. Prophet Muhammed SAW categorically prohibited Muslims from following the new-Moon Hilal calculations established by the pagan Meton in 431bc and further developed by the Jewish Rabbi Hilel II in 358ce, who did Tah’rif (changing) in the Shar’iah of Prophet Moosa ASM. Indeed in reply to a question by his companions who wanted to adopt the Jewish new-Moon prediction methodology, Prophet Muhammed SAW, stated in no uncertain terms in the well known Hadith Al Ummi, “We are unlettered Ummah, we neither write, nor do we calculate...” When he used the word 'Ummah' he meant all Muslims till the last day, even though there were many Companions around him who could write and calculate.
  7. The Prophet SAW practised what he preached, two authentic incidents show how simple his teaching are in the matter of authenticating the Hilal sighting:

a) Once a Bedouin came and claimed he had seen the Hilal of Ramadhan. Neither the Prophet SAW nor any of his Companions RA could see the Hilal that evening. The Prophet SAW simply asked him if he believed in One Allah and in the Prophet-hood of Muhammad SAW, when he confirmed this, Prophet SAW ordered everybody to observe fasting from that day. Even though he was a poor Bedouin, he was not asked any complicated questions and certainly made no suspicious remarks on his character. Most importantly, he made no reference to the scientific calculations and new-Moon visibility predictions which were in use at the time, by the Jewish community in Madinah.

b) Another incident occurred when nobody could see the Hilal for Eid in Madinah: A caravan arrived on 30th Ramadhan after Asar Salaat, and two Bedouins claimed they had seen the Crescent the previous evening. The Prophet SAW investigated the matter with the same two simple questions as mentioned above. After confirmation of the Shahaadah, he ordered all the Companions RA to break their fasts even though it was after Asar Salaat and they subsequently performed Eid Salaat on the following day. Again, no complicated questions were asked by Prophet Muhammed SAW about the shape, size, angle, direction or location of the crescent, AND certainly no suspicion whatsoever was placed on their character nor reference made to the scientific calculations and new-Moon visibility predictions which were also in use at that time, by the Jewish community in Madinah.

Why should Muslims go against the Sunnah Practice of Prophet SAW and ask complicated investigatory questions set by observatories and their scientists when it comes to new moon sighting. Indeed, some of the questioning of eye-witnesses by Muslim followers of observatory theories, borders on the ridiculous even by observatory standards.

So Brothers and Sisters …..lets ensure the blur created through using the observatory lens of theories, charts and predictions never falls upon the eyes of the Ummah.

We simply say look at the evidence, and judge for yourselves what the truth of the matter lies. We should remain free from the shackles of theories and global charts, just as Prophet Muhammed SAW and his companions did 1400 years ago. Would you rather be a Sunnah Follower or an Observatory follower? The choice is simple and the evidence against following the unreliable, un-Islamic method of the observatory is compelling and overwhelming. Sure, Man has achieved much in the field of science but that progress must not be misunderstood by allowing ourselves to be persuaded by theories for new-moon visibility that have been evolving continuously. They are, and remain unreliable. The evidence we have collected over the past 30 years proves that point, both scientifically and most importantly Islamically. Alhamdulillah, the over-whelming majority of Muslims and Mashaa’ikh follow the original teachings of Prophet SAW and choose to freely follow the Shar’iah compliant Hilal decisions from Saudi Arabia. Despite the criticisms it is without doubt the only country on earth that has Shar’iah rules and where the Ulama alone are free to adhere to Shar’iah guidance without interference.

The false merchants dazzling people with global visibility charts and calculations are unable to dispute fact and facts are what most Muslims will see when they study the moon sighting data collected for the past three decades and which we have to add to every year. The detractors say how is it possible to see the Hilal if it is not even on the horizon, because according to their pocket visibility maps, Moon set is before the Sunset? It’s illogical they claim! But how can you explain away the recorded testimonies or hundreds if not thousands of people who observe the new-Moon crescent every year in direct contraction to these maps and charts. The evidence is simply undeniable and as a result even the moon-sighting conditions used by observatories have had to be continuously amended to take into account these over-whelming facts. We have observed that the observatory criterion for new-moon visibility has gradually been moved from 21 hrs for a new moon to be seen, come right down to 14.5 hrs and this will continue to be shortened as the data is eventually accepted by leading astronomers. If some people still believe in the infallibility of observatory theories then they will sadly be disappointed because Imaan and faith are a matter of belief not theory or conjecture. Two simple examples may help to understand this:-

a) For Wudhu, if we are wearing leather socks, we make Masaah (wet wipe) on top of the feet, yet logic would say why must you wipe the top when soles are where it’s likely to get dirty. We should wipe soles to ensure cleanliness of feet and Musallah.

b) When Wudhu is broken, we repeat that Wudhu by washing every part of our anatomy not just where the Wadhu was broken from. Simple logic would suggest that we just wash the particular part of the anatomy not wash everything again.

There are other cases that do not appeal to logic yet we follow them, so why do some people insist on following Observatory predictions for Hilal by believing them to be the whole truth, and declare any evidence that contradicts them to be 'illogical' and therefore to be rejected even though a majority of the sworn Testimonies come from qualified Aalim, Hufaaz, Daai, Zakireen, and pious Muslims? Are they all part of some global conspiracy? Logic suggests not, in fact these testimonies point to the exact opposite and the source of the problem is not the testimony but the theories that go against observed phenomena such as a new-Moon crescent observation. Remember there were scientists and sooth-sayers in ancient times who believed the Earth was flat, but the irrefutable evidence of mariners and travellers forced science to completely re-consider that particular theory, just like they will with moon sighting.

If we reject sworn testimonies from such pious Muslims like Ulama and Huffaaz, then who would we accept them from? Or should we tell Muslims to look for the new-Moon Crescent only when Observatory calculations have given their go-ahead? The most preposterous event we have observed is when adherents of Observatory theories go out searching for the new-Moon Crescent even when they publish beforehand that their theories claim it will be 'impossible' to see it! Is this just fool-hardiness or illogical human behaviour? Either way we’ll let them answer that particular conundrum. To urge people to go out and practice the Sunnah of searching for the Hilal, but then claim it is pointless to report any sightings because it’s impossible to sight, shows a complete disregard and mockery of practicing the deen and they should hang their heads in collective shame for the complete mess their theories and charts have created amongst their followers. They are unable or unwilling to budge and are totally hamstrung by their theories and charts which prevent them and others from adhering to the Sunnah of accepting the sworn testimony of Muslims, purely on the spurious grounds that they fail to comply with their calculations. They declare such sighting as Mutta’ham (slanderous) and Mash’quk (Doubtful). Not much encouragement for people to go out and practice the Sunnah, especially if you observe and report any positive sightings.

A website posed reasons for rejecting the Ramadhan 1431 Hilal Sighting Testimony from Birmingham, and quoted two Fatawa as their supporting evidence. If you actually read those two Fatawa in full as opposed to the extracts they published, you will find that both Fatawa’s actually advise Muslims to follow Saudi Hilal Decisions! Selective quoting to make a point not intended by the original author is a shameful and disrespectful practice and only serves to highlight the weakness in their argument. Two pages attached herewith show those lines from the two Fatawa which were used as evidence by followers of observatory theories to support their argument and reject the sworn testimonies of qualified Moulana's, Hufaaz, and Daai's testimony.

Finally we hope and make Dua that Allah SWT guide us all to follow His beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW in totality, we pray he unites our hearts and keeps us steadfast in following His Prophet's Sunnah teachings, and he accept our services, worships, and sacrifice. Ameen & Wasalam.