Assalam Alaykum
As you might know,there is a very dangerous proposal by the government:
CIVIL PARTNERSHIP(GAY MARRIAGE),to allow the hosting of this civil partnerships in our religious premises:Church,MOSQUES???
This will be debated next Thursday on 15 dec in your House of Lords.
Baroness O'Cathain, will oppose strongly this proposal.
-Support her.
-Speak up to oppose this proposal
-Inform other Muslim Lords/ Christian Lords to oppose it too.
Is very good idea to join the campaign with our Christian friends in order to defend the SANCTITY of marriage(between a man and a woman).
More important:
No any new law should be accepted if it forces any civil partnerships/gay marriage(nikah) to be done  in our religious premises:MOSQUES..this is going too far and is an interference in our religious freedom and practices in the name of Equality Act???.
Enclosed a recent reminder from Care(Christian organisation) about the issue.
May ALLAH reward you for your help.
Wassalam  Alaykum
Dr A Majid Katme
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK
T: 07944 240 622



Urgent Call to Action
Dear Friend,
Greetings from CARE!
You will recall that I wrote to you in May to express our concern about the implications of government proposals to allow the hosting of civil partnerships in churches. This will now be voted on in the House of Lords on Thursday December 15th.
Senior lawyers confirm that there is a real possibility that churches conducting heterosexual weddings but refusing to host civil partnerships could be taken to court, and lose, for their refusal to make available what the law regards as the comparable service for same-sex couples. If this happened it could contribute to the formation of a legal precedent the effect of which would be to require churches to choose between either continuing to provide marriages and having to be willing to host civil partnerships as well, or withdrawing from the provision of marriages altogether!
Please would you write to one or more of the peers listed here asking them to attend on December 15th and vote for the motion tabled by Baroness O'Cathain to annul these regulations. Please find some key points that you might want to reference (but don't have to) below.
This is the last opportunity we have to defeat this legislation in the House of Lords.
Please pray earnestly for the debate that the freedom of churches wishing to continue to conduct heterosexual marriages, whilst refusing to host civil partnerships, would be protected.
Yours in Christ,
Nola Leach
Head of Public Affairs, CARE

Key Points:

  • The Government has said that it does not want any church to be compelled to host civil partnership ceremonies.
  • Two eminent QCs, Prof. Mark Hill and Aidan O'Neill, have scrutinised the legislation and confirm that the regulations do not safely provide for this intention.
  • The law, as defined, provides scope for people to successfully argue that a church should only be able to continue providing marriages if it is also prepared to host civil partnerships.
  • If these lawyers can see a credible way to use the proposed law to argue that it can be deployed to compel churches, it is only a matter of time before someone tries it.
  • We know that there are those who would like to compel churches that provide heterosexual marriages to host civil partnerships either now, or in the future.
  • The legislation risks yet more litigation against churches, further distracting their time and energy away from their ministry and calling, like charitable provision in the community.

CARE is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales at 53 Romney Street, London, SW1P 3RF, Company No: 3481417, Charity No: 1066963, Scottish Charity No: SC03891. www.care.org.uk

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