5 Reasons why I will NEVER have a musical ringtone on my cell phone

1. I do not want music to play in the masjid and disturb the angels and pious servants of Allah, who are engaged in Salaah, Dua and Zikr.
2. Songs from Bollywood movies are symbols of an un-Islamic culture which promote fornication, disobedience to parents and even idol worship.
3. Songs from American and Hollywood movies promote a culture of vulgar language, promiscuity, disrespect, arrogance and countless other un-Islamic values. 
4. Musical tones can never give me the peace and contentment I am looking for because the Quraan states that contentment of the heart lies in remembering Allah.
5. Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: "Music causes hypcricy to grow in the heart like water causes crops to grow." (Baihaqi)    

If you have a musical tone on your cell phone, take the courage, and replace it with a normal ring tone, right now.

Forward this email to your contacts and share in the reward of all those who will replace their musical tones and choose light over darkness.