PATIENT SAFETY WEEK (12-18 September 2011)

There is no doubt today that ,many patients are seriously affected or killed by many harmful prescribed medicines,many are also dying unnecessarily in hospitals ,sometimes directly killed by the hospital staff?

-MRSA/Superbugs are still present in our hospitals and are killing 5000 patients/year and are costing us about £ 1 billion/year?
-Cross infection from medical staff and patients is still spreading some diseases in our hospitals?
-In 2006: About 1000 patients died from our prescribed medicines and 4432 patients hospitalised due to side effects and complications,costing us £466 million?
(In the US: 30 000 patients died in 2010 from taking overdose of drugs,750 000-1 000 000 died from prescribed drugs and medical errors,costing the US government: $282 billion/year ?)
-Doctors/nurses are allowed in some cases,to stop giving some patients:food/nutrition and fluid/water to make them DIE from starvation and dehydration,according to the Mental Capacity Act 2005?
This is no doubt a direct killing/a crime especially as frequently the patient and relatives are not aware of this inhumane act! This barbaric law should be stopped!
-There have been many recent medical reports and investigations which raised the alarm and showed seriously the repeated neglect and suffering of many of our old patients in our hospitals today(lack of nutrtition/feeding,lack of some needed medicines,lack of cleaning/hygiene:foeces,urine,lack of movements/bed sores/DVT...),leading to a lot of suffering and early death!
- We are all still concerned and worried about the "killing" of some patients through indirect Euthanasia!
-It is shocking and scandalous to admit to our clinics and hospitals : many women with their unborn children,who are commonly both healthy and alive,in order to kill and take the lives of their weak living defenceless babies,through the inhumane act of abortion (about 600/day),then maim and damage: physically and psychologically many of the women after?
Surely,this is a gross abuse of our clinics and hospitals and a huge wastage of our medical resources !
And unfortunately,many of our living unborn children,who are not even sick or patients at all ,are VERY UNSAFE today in many clinics and hospitals!

This continuous daily criminal act should be stopped immediately!

Dr A Majid Katme(MBBCH,DPM)
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK

T: 07944 240 622

Address: 31 North Circular Road Palmers Green London N13 5EG