"Halaal" Pork-NIHT Certified

The so-called National Islamic Halaal Trust (NIHT) has joined its sister carrion organizations in the process of certifying PORK to be ‘halaal’. Regardless of whether this certification of SWINE flesh is intentional or unintentional or whether the PORK CHOPS were emblazoned with NIHT’s haraam ‘halaal’ logo in consequence of an error, NIHT is guilty of an unforgivable crime in terms of the Shariah. This ‘error’ is hard evidence to prove the absence of the much-proclaimed supervision. An ‘error’ in this sphere justifies skinning the confounded organization alive and dumping their bodies in pig-stys to rot and be devoured by pigs and vultures.

The NIHT’s muffled apology and explanation issued by Pick & Pay do not rectify the irreparable damage which its trade of carrion halaalization has caused and is causing. Its assurance of investigating how the ‘error’ occurred may satisfy dimwits and morons. But all Muslims are not morons as the NIHT might believe. The fact of even PORK being marketed ‘halaal’ with NIHT’s certified labels should be an eye-opener for Muslims who consume meat products on the basis of NIHT certification.

The eye should open up to see that the current hue and cry which Muslims are raising on the issue of NIHT ‘halaal’ VARK chops is because every Muslim irrespective of how immoral he/she may be, believes and understands that swine meat is haraam. All Muslims understand that there is absolutely no way in which any one can convince them that pork could ever be halaal. But, what happens when NIHT ‘halaal’ logo labels as well as the ‘halaal’ logos of other carrion bodies appear on haraam mutton, haraam beef and haraam carrion chickens? No one will then object because these confounded, vile, satanic carrion halaalizers will jettison their Imaan by taking high oaths that such carrion meats are halaal.

Just as today the NIHT’s rubbish ‘halaal’ logo has graced PORK CHOPS, so too has all these ‘halaal’ logos adorned haraam meat and chickens in the past, and this is the position even today. 100% of all commercially killed chickens and other animals are haraam carrion.

The NIHT in its desperate bid to clear its pork-stained name and image, hastily issued a statement in its defence saying: “The error> which occurred in our labelling system is being fully investigated.” This is rubbish chicanery – a desperate attempt to convince Muslims that everything is above board when in reality everything is below board, scraping the very bottom of the haraam carrion barrel.

While the Muslim community does not suffer by the so-called ‘error’ of labelling swine chops as being ‘halaal’, they daily suffer and ingest spiritual poison and rot by devouring all the haraam carrion which NIHT certifies halaal without compunction.

The irrefutable reality is that it is HUMANLY impossible to 100% supervise the kuffaar carrion-producing enterprises and outlets. Leave alone 100%, there is in most case 100% lack of supervision. Supervision is a massive deception. If NIHT did in reality have a proper system of supervision, VARK chops would not have been certified ‘halaal’.

NIHT, clutching at straws, says in its apology-clarification announcement: “We would like to reassure our customers that this incident did not occur at our Lenasia branch, which is fully halaal, under control of the NIHT and stocks no fresh pork products at all.”

While the apology-clarification has been issued by Pick & Pay, we attribute it to NIHT, hence we are treating this stupid ‘clarification’ to be NIHT’s statement. Thus we say, to hell with the Lenasia branch. The issue right now is NIHT’s halaal certification of pork chops – ‘Halaal’ PORK – ‘Halaal’ VARK – ‘Halaal’ SWINE meat. It does not matter where this vile ‘error’ has been perpetrated. We have no fight with Pick & Pay to whom pork is wholesome; hence it says that its Lenasia branch does not stock ‘fresh’ VARKVLEIS. In other words, it does cater for non-fresh pork, and despite this, NIHT certifies meat products at branches where non-fresh pork is stocked. It matters not whether the non-fresh pork is in plastic wrappers or tins. Pork is VARK. There is no difference between fresh pork and stale pork (non-fresh pork) just as there is no difference between fresh faeces and canned faeces.

This ‘error’ is in fact a boon for those Muslims who still have a spark of Deen in their hearts. They should wake up and kick the addiction of devouring NIHT certified carrion chickens and carrion meat. While the ‘error’ is conspicuous because of PORK, it will not be detectable on haraam carrion chickens and other carrion meats.


Apologies cannot rectify the damage which carrion has caused to the Imaan of Muslims. Investigating ‘errors’ serves no beneficial purpose. No Muslim will purchase VARK with a ‘halaal’ logo. But tons of other non-pork haraam carrion products are being devoured by Muslims on the strength of these satanic ‘halaal’ logos, the sole objective of this shaitaani certification being the gratification of the mercenary craving – the inordinate greed for the haraam riba boodle.