Muslim Organisation Working Group
By Email

29th July 2010

Dear Member of Muslim Organisation Working Group

Re: Muslim Organisation Working Group (MOWG)

Following the last meeting of the MOWG the Food Standards Agency is taking action to remind members of the Muslim Community of the risks of drinking bottled water described or labelled as Zam Zam. This action is being taken as tests have shown that water sold as Zam Zam in the UK, or brought into the UK as a personal import may contain high levels of arsenic and nitrates.

To bring this information to the attention of the Muslim Community the FSA has today (30th July 2010) published the attached press release. We have also written to Local Authority Enforcement Officers and Port Health Authorities to ensure that they are aware of this issue (letter attached).

I would like to request that you disseminate this information as widely as possible to ensure that members of your community are made aware of the potential risks of drinking water labelled as Zam Zam.

Please do contact me if you have any questions in relation to this matter. Thank you for your continuing assistance.

Yours sincerely

Adam Treslove
Senior External Affairs Manager

Aviation House
125 Kingsway
London WC2B 6NH
T  020 7276 8000